Megan Boshuyzen has a job many email geeks dream of. As the Senior Email Developer at Pathwire, including the Email on Acid brand, she gets to create some of the coolest emails in the biz! In this bonus episode of Humans of Email, Megan talks about how she broke into public speaking, the impact of her learning disability on her career, her part in founding a publishing house, and so much more.  

Megan is a graphic designer turned email developer who’s worked on all aspects of email marketing. She believes good emails for good causes make a positive difference in the world. She authors the email newsletter “ depends” and is the host of Email on Acid’s “Notes from the Dev”. Previously, she cofounded Mango and Marigold Press, an award-winning, independent publishing house. Megan is currently working as the senior email developer at Pathwire.

On this week's show notes, grab a few extras: