Episode 11: guilda hilaire

Guilda Hilaire

For our final interview of season one, we're bringing in a member of the email community who's so famous, she only needs one name. It's Guilda Hilaire! Guilda is the Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce, and a champion of community and education in the email space. Join us for the final interview of season one and hear how Guilda created the spaces she wanted to see in the email community—from Twitter Spaces to Salesforce communities, to UNSPAM stages, to lifting unheard voices and stories.

Guilda Hilaire is an award-winning digital marketing thought leader and the Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce. She brings more than 20+ years in marketing technology, including roles within digital marketing operations, training, platform migration/implementation, and consulting. In her current role, she is responsible for leading global community programs, such as: The 500+ Members Global Marketing Program, which rewards and recognizes top community experts/advocates for their ongoing contributions back to the Marketing Community. She is also responsible for building global community programs that make learning soft skills and hard skills accessible to everyone; from the business executive striving for success, to the job seeker looking for a tech job, to the student fresh from graduation. Guilda believes in giving back to the community and is active in many organizations and a mentor. Guilda is on ANA Email Experience board and Bentley Global Alumni Board. She has volunteered for many local organizations like The Greater Boston Food Bank, Pine Street Inn and WGBH. She is a graduate Fellow of The Partnership, Inc. Leadership Development Program. She lives in Boston, MA with her beautiful daughter.

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