Episode 10: Matthew smith

Matthew Smith

Founder, kind person, email geek: Matthew Smith is all of these things, in addition to his noteworthy roles with Really Good Emails and the UNSPAM conferences. In Episode 10 of Humans of Email, we're getting authentic and personal with Matthew to learn more about his least favorite French words, what he hopes people remember him for, and what it's like to build Really Good Emails. BTW, you can shoot Matthew a DM on Twitter or Email Geeks Slack to request a 15% discount on an upcoming UNSPAM conference.

Matthew Smith is either two wily bear cubs stacked in a trenchcoat or a full grown man—some days it’s hard to tell. He’s raising up three kiddos, CEO of Really Good Emails and his science focused design agency Bunsen. He makes home between San Francisco, Los Angeles and Greenville, SC to keep life interesting.

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