Nout Boctor-Smith

In Episode 9 of Humans of Email, we're diving into the world of B2B email with Nout Boctor-Smith, who oversees lifecycle marketing at LaunchDarkly and serves as a community manager for Email Geeks. We're talking with Nout about how B2B email requires a special set of skills (and patience), how the B2B Badgers group came into being, and why she has 50 Dyson Doks living in her garage.

Nout Boctor-Smith manages the lifecycle marketing at LaunchDarkly. She’s had both enterprise and startup email marketing experience in the ten years she’s been involved with email marketing and marketing automation. She didn’t go to university to be a marketer, however, and holds a degree in sociology from the University of North Carolina. Before getting into digital marketing twelve years ago, Nout toyed with the idea of becoming an optician or a lawyer. Little did she know that the HTML knowledge she gained back in 1997 would come handy one day in the realm of email marketing, where the code is stuck in the 90s. Four years into her marketing career, she switched from B2C ecommerce to B2B and never looked back. Nout is an avid learner, reader, and problem-solver. She’s interested in process improvements, ways to improve email marketing (especially email UX or user experience), and deliverability. She’s passionate about sharing knowledge, collaboration, creating valuable documentation, and teaching people about email marketing and how to do it well! Nout lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband and four cats. She has an impressive (some might say a bit overwhelming) collection of colorful vintage Pyrex.

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