Stephanie Griffith

Episode Two features our conversation with Stephanie Griffith, email geek, SMS strategist, and fellow podcaster. We're talking about cats, good--and bad--SMS experiences, Hobbits, and why Stephanie calls herself a bad email marketer (spoiler: she's not).

Stephanie is currently the Chief Evangelist at Drip, leveraging her 8+ years of eCommerce marketing experience to implement innovative strategies across email and SMS. She is also the host of the podcast Conversational Commerce, and the founder of emailpreview.io. Follow her on Twitter @QueenDTC for musings on email, SMS, and all-things ecommerce.

Get to know more about Stephanie

  • On Twitter at @QueenDTC
  • Her website for saving emails over at emailpreview.io
  • And sign up for Stephanie's podcast, Conversational Commerce, here!

And a few notes from the show:

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